15 Truths about Faith & Mental Health

Highlights from Thrive and Cultivate


I’ve had such an incredible day online with the Thrive and Cultivate Summit. Here are some highlights:1

  1. "If somebody in your congregation struggles with depression or anxiety, it is not sinful; it is a chemical imbalance, and we need to be that voice of hope." - Greg Atkinson

  2. "If you wake up breathing, that’s your proof to keep going!" @WondHerful

  3. "It's more important to consider our energy than our time. If we don't manage our energy properly, time will only work against us. So we need to work within the boundaries of our own energy." @marc_brule

  4. "The health of the minister greatly impacts the health of the ministry. It is healthy, and vital, for every minister to practice the holy work of stillness." @zacworkun

  5. "Anytime we allow ourselves to be grounded in the safety of the moment and wrestle with our stories, we begin to heal." Marcy Pusey

  6. "Don't let your wellness be determined by your circumstances. When our experiences tell us what's true instead of God, we've just compromised our wellness." - Dr. Charity Byers

  7. "Your first in and first out will change your life. What's the first thing you say, and the first word you receive each day?" @wvanderbloemen

  8. "You're facing burnout right now because normal got disrupted." @cnieuwhof

  9. "Suicidal people are listening to our sermons. Are our words life-giving?" -Dr. Karen Mason

  10. "There is hope with acknowledging the reality of our pain." @villagedanhyun

  11. "Your Promise Land very well may likely be on the other side of stillness." @loswhit

  12. "Overfunctioning is always anxiety-driven. Overfunctioning always leads to someone else under-functioning, which hinders their growth." @MerryCLin

  13. "In this moment, people need trustworthy guides. A trustworthy guide has empathy and authority." @ChuckMingo

  14. "My approach changed completely when I saw what I do as an act of service, not a performance." @jonacuff

  15. "Leaders who can't be questioned do questionable things. Church leaders, CEOs, every kind of business. If you get isolated and nobody can tell you the truth, you're in a very dangerous spot." @JonAcuff

We have another full day of incredible truth and helpful tips tomorrow!

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