Why I’m returning to therapy.

(Is it time for you to do the same?)


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Hello, friend. - 

Happy, Tuesday!

I love this community we continue to cultivate via social media, the app, group coaching, and the book club. You bless my life more than you know.

So, thanks for being here.

A personal update:

My kiddos are serving as acolytes at our parish this year, and I’m so proud of them both. Here’s a quick snapshot of my Caroline from this past Sunday (our first time in-person in more than 14 months.)

(We are just so grateful they didn’t give the wild child any fire to hold.)

Speaking of church - I had the privilege of speaking to the awesome folks at Vox Community in Yorba Linda, California, on Sunday (the wonders of Zoom, right?). Here’s the link to my talk, if you’d like to listen. Just click here - How to Heal Your Image of God.

Returning to Therapy

If you’re really struggling with your mental health, managing your emotions, or relationship issues, maybe it’s time to start (or return to) therapy?

In fact, this coming Monday, Lindsey and I begin marriage counseling again for the third time.


Because we want to stay healthy.

After fourteen years of marriage and twenty years of friendship, it’s easy to put things on autopilot. But we want more than that from our life together.

So we’re returning to therapy. 

To be honest, I felt ashamed at first. We have done the hard work. We know this information. We are taking our meds. But we are starting to have some conversations that make it clear that we need a professional guide again. A sort of marriage tune-up.

Making that initial call is never easy, but I’m so glad we’re doing it.

Maybe it isn’t your marriage that needs a little tune-up; maybe it’s you.

Well, how do I know if it’s time?

Look, it’s normal to experience problems or uncomfortable emotions, like sadness, anger, or anxiety. However, when your problems become too intense or last for too long, you may need professional help. If you start seeing patterns and trends, it’s probably time to talk to someone.

Today’s challenge:

How will you know if you should return to therapy? Make a list. 

I’m in your corner,




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