Pre-order Hiding in the Pews today!

It's finally here, y'all!

“Hey babe,” I asked, “What do I want to tell them about this book, and the pre-order?”

“Be sincere,” she replied, “That’s always best.”

Well, if I’m being sincere, I feel like I’m on top of the world! Writing my first book with a traditional publisher was truly an educational process, and pretty awesome (for the most part).

But the process is so. painfully. slow. I started writing this book in October of 2019.

I don’t do slow very well.

But friend, it’s here. My baby has flown the nest and is officially available for pre-order on Amazon.

Hiding in the Pews: Shining Light on Mental Illness in the Church

Here’s a snippet from the back of the book:

In Hiding in the Pews, people with mental illness--some of whom might be pastors themselves--will find comfort as they learn they are not alone. Those who know someone with mental illness will gain wisdom about how to be a safe presence. Those who hold the most power in church communities--pastors, board members, and lay leaders--will be challenged and equipped to transform their congregations into places of healing, where it is safe for people to be vulnerable about their suffering.

When a church champions vulnerability and establishes safety within its walls, especially for those who are suffering, the healing power of God can set the captives free. Austin offers hope that faith communities will be the first places people think of when they need a sense of safety and belonging.

To read more about the book and pre-order today, just click here.

Why Pre-Orders Matter

Friend, it really does make such a huge difference when you pre-order. If you’re going to buy it anyway, and you have the funds available right now, would you help me send a message to publishers that Christians DO care about mental health?

Pre-orders help publishers see which books are gaining traction, and which ones to throw their muscle behind in the marketing arena.

Pre-Order Swag Pack

I would count it as a huge personal favor today.

And as a thank you, if you’ll take a screenshot of your receipt/order confirmation and email it to me at, I’ll send you my Faith + Mental Health Toolkit, which includes:

  1. The Foreword, Introduction, and Chapter One of Hiding in the Pews.

  2. My brand-new 30-day devotional, Faith +Mental Health: 30 Days of Connecting Your Head and Heart. (Psst. You can’t get this anywhere else.)

  3. My 5-day video devotional (and workbook), How to Love Those with Mental Illness

  4. My Catching Your Breath Self-Care Journal

  5. 7 mental health journaling worksheets

  6. A brand-new self-care action guide

  7. Free access to my premier e-course, Emotional Health 101.

Thank You

When I awoke in ICU in September of 2012, after a suicide attempt, writing a book was the last thing on my mind.

Honestly, I just wanted to try to die again.

But thanks to an amazing support system (especially you, Lindsey Austin), countless hours of therapy, and reimagining a God of love, not fear, I’m more healthy than I ever thought possible.

Thank you for giving me this platform to share my story. This really is all your fault. <3

I pray this book opens eyes, heals churches, & saves lives.

Here’s the link to pre-order one more time -

Let’s shine God’s Light on mental illness together,


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