I never thought I would hire a life coach.

...but I’m so glad I did.

Hi, friend.

I hope you’re having a wonderful, holiday weekend. We are spending time with our favorites, grilling out, and enjoying this GORGEOUS weather.

And while I’ve been enjoying this weekend so much, I’m just as excited to tell you about Jesus Coaching.

The first time I hired a coach, I was exhausted in nearly every area of my life.

  • My relationships were suffering.

  • My faith was wobbly at best.

  • And my inner voice was NOT rooted in love.

But I didn’t know why or how to break free from the fear, shame, and guilt.

I had so many dreams and desires but I was stuck. And struggling.

I knew it was time to work with a pro.

Little did I know, those hard times were about to show me how good things could get.

And then came the financial investment. Not only did I feel stuck, but now I have to PAY to get unstuck?

Look, I’m not here to convince you of anything.

I’m not a salesman. I’m just a guy who has been there, and I’d love to help if you’re ready to invest in yourself and find some inner peace.

Why? Because, eventually, I invested in myself and I’ve never looked back.

  • My relationships are better.

  • My faith is stronger.

  • My inner voice is now rooted in love.

How much would that be worth to you?

Coaching changed my life in so many countless ways, and I have seen this same type of thing happen with my clients as well. I live and breathe this work. 

So, when my friend Amanda suggested I offer Jesus Coaching to the world, it’s because I’ve already done the work. And I’m ready to help you do the same.

Over 8 sessions, we’ll focus on one or two of the topics below:

  1. How to integrate your faith and sexuality

  2. How to integrate your faith and mental health

  3. How to heal your image of God

  4. How to heal your image of self

Plus one of these:

  1. The basics of an emotionally healthy life

  2. How to cultivate a lifestyle of regular self-care

If you missed it, I have opened up spots for Jesus Coaching, and I can only accept 5 more clients. If you’re interested, please check in with yourself now and see if this is your time. I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity to work with me.

The doors are open now. If you’re ready to sign up, just email me back.

Pricing is $470 if you pay in full, or you can make two payments of $250.

I’d be honored to partner with you!